A tonic for my practice and my soul

10/10 The course has given me tools to address some of the imbalance I experience when I facilitate - equality is a big issue for me through my own preferences but as a key barrier to events. But all of the components are key and as I get more familiar with them they will integrate naturally in to my work.

The best thing about the course was the learning environment, the people, the venue, the delivery method made it easy to be present, engaged and to comfortably reflect and challenge my thinking and approach.

The thinking environment enables me to navigate some of the key issues at work - busyness and worry - and help people be their best. It makes such sense, but it's very different to traditional business approaches. If you are ready to challenge the norm, Sophie will support you in thinking and enabling thinking in others.

Thank you as always Sophie, time with you and the Thinking Environment is always such a tonic for my practice and my soul.