The course helped me to trust my instincts even more

Like many people, I had mainly been an attendee at some very poorly-run meetings where the main outcome seemed to be to arrange yet another meeting.  There was little preparation ahead of the meetings and agendas issued at the time of the meeting were over-whelming and unrealistic for the time allocated.  A successful outcome of the ones I had attempted to chair was finishing on time!

I had also just started on my journey with facilitating courses for health care professionals and although I was aware of the need to present in an engaging manner and being prepared,  I didn’t know much about the other aspects of what makes a great meeting.

I am now aware through Nancy Kline’s 10 components, introduced and taught so well by Sophie,  of what creates an environment for participants of meetings to think well and that is now my prime objective.

The course is, of course, brilliantly facilitated.  Sophie creates an easeful and safe environment for people to explore their own facilitation style, encompassing the 10 components of a Thinking Environment. 

By the course end, I felt confident and enthusiastic to get started with not only teaching the principles to others required for the practicum, but to introduce the building blocks to great meetings into my education and training days.

Sophie embodies the 10 components of a Thinking Environment. 

She is very knowledgeable and authentic about her own experience, that you know this is something real and transformative.  Sophie’s encouragement propels you to be a better facilitator, whatever your starting point.  My impression is that even the most experienced educators and facilitators will take away something tangible to put straight into practice.

How I do what I do now has been utterly transformed by my experience of the Thinking Environment, and this has been in no small part thanks to Sophie and her way of being as a Time to Think Consultant and educator. – Thank you!