Here's where it all began...

I was living the life I’d always wanted. I had a well-paid dream job in Australia, lived in a beautiful place and felt secure in the knowledge that this could go on, indefinitely. But I was, I realised, unfulfilled. I was not, it turned out, truly happy with this life at all. 

By chance I came across a reference to Nancy Kline’s book Time to Think. She described a way of being with one another that is both incredibly simple, and incredibly rare. We don’t give ourselves, or others, the freedom to think without interruption, or judgment, or time limits, or an obsession with outcomes. We limit our thinking, our conversations, our relationships and our entire lives by confining our minds. 

I began to question the life I had chosen. I began to ask myself about what I really wanted, to explore the ‘authentic’ me, my instinctive mind, and gradually, I began to reclaim what really mattered. I left corporate life. I moved back to the UK. I met the man who is now my husband and father to my two children. Qualifying as a Time to Think practitioner in 2006, I am one of only 15 practitioners in the world accredited to qualify others in the Thinking Environment I have now trained hundreds of people to go through what I did, to change their lives and to pass it on to hundreds more. Now more than ever I believe in the power of the thinking environment to reveal the truth to us and to lead us to a life that edifies and fulfills us.  -- Sophie.

Experiencing and learning the Thinking Environment® from Sophie is a privilege. She embodies the Ten Components as a professional and as a person. She also sustains both expertise and exploration, a rare and essential quality in this work.
— Nancy Kline, Time to Think