First Courses

Are you ready to join us for some adventures in the thinking environment?

Whatever your motivation, these courses are the perfect place to start – they’ll introduce you Time to Think, giving you insights and tools to take back into life, love and work. And if you find yourself wanting to venture further, like so many people do, they lead on to a series of deeper courses and retreats.

Explore and book our courses and workshops below. If you want to discuss your specific needs in more detail, just complete the contact form here and we’ll call to talk – we can even connect you with alumni for their insight. 

Sophie is not only a superb teacher and facilitator of the Thinking Partnership; she also embodies the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment, creating the perfect conditions for people’s learning, discovery and thinking. And her sheer delight in life permeates it all.
— Nancy Kline, Time to Think