Come and join us for an adventure in the thinking environment®

Whatever your motivation, you’ll take so much back into work, home life and relationships, because what you learn relates to all of life and how you listen to, understand and communicate with everyone, including yourself.

Explore and book our Time to Think courses and workshops below. If you want to discuss your specific needs in more detail, just complete the contact form here and we’ll call to talk – we can even connect you with alumni for their insight. 


Time to Think Foundation Course
April 2nd & 3rd 2019

Time to Think Facilitators Course

March 19th, 20th & 21st 2019

The Thinking Partnership
May 14th & 15th and June 12th 2019

Time to Think Coaching Course

Nov 26th & 27th and Dec 17th & 18th 2019

 Northern Hub Day retreats

February 8th & November 8th 2019




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Time to Think Foundation Course

A Time to Think certified two-day overview of this amazing work. You will improve the quality of your meetings and everyday interactions.

The Thinking Partnership Course

A three-day introduction to this powerful, liberating process. It opens the doors to our one-to-one Time to Think coaching qualification, but also to a whole new way of thinking for you to take into all aspects of life.

Time to Think Coaching Course

This four-day course follows on from The Thinking Partnership to qualify you as a Time to Think coach. 

Time to Think Facilitator Programme

This three-day course follows on from the foundation course, qualifying you as a Time to Think facilitator. 


Coach Development

The Thinking Environment Coach Development programme – 1 year to accelerate, deepen and enhance your coaching practice