It's a great opportunity for self reflection and to re-set

I just wanted to say a personal BIG thank you for facilitating the 2 days space, which has allowed me to reset, re-affirm that I am on the right track and more importantly have some time to think, I mean really think.

I have already started on designing a workshop/training session for women, to provide a space where they can think, where they can learn to appreciate themselves, where they can explore and value their worth and more importantly hopefully develop their own set of skills that enable them to step back and listen to themselves.

I was particularly inspired by the other men and women in the workshop, each one of them inspired and touched me in a way they will probably never realise. Their contribution, their presence and their attention allowed me to flourish a little bit further on my journey of self discovery.

Thank you for helping me to help myself see the importance of being me