The course helped me to trust my instincts even more

I had nearly 30 years of experience as a facilitator of international groups at all managerial levels. The course helped me to trust my instincts even more and to create an unhurried, respectful atmosphere even quicker and more purposefully than I was able to do in the past.

Meeting other professionals from wonderfully diverse backgrounds, working at eye level in an extremely collaborative, considerate, constructive environment – including the tutor. It’s well worth investing the time, as it’s not just about becoming an even better facilitator but reflecting on your stance and the way you want to make a difference to the groups you work with.

The very small groups and the focus on both practice and reflection are ideal for that. In my eyes, Sophie is an especially suitable tutor for those who enjoy background discussions on why things work the way they do as she’ll eloquently, tirelessly and convincingly explain. I certainly loved working with you and hope that many more people will benefit from your courses and guidance the way I did.