A unique style of coaching that has influenced me at a personal level as well as my coaching style.

When I attended the Time to Think coaching course I had already completed the foundation and thinking partnership courses. I had also recently returned to full time employment in a finance role (having been self employed for a couple of years). My work situation meant that officially any coaching I was doing was secondary to my main role at work. I did, however, have many opportunities at work to utilise my coaching skills, and several colleagues approached me directly for 1:1 coaching sessions.

The Time to Think coaching course presented a unique style of coaching that I can honestly say has influenced me at a personal level as well as my coaching style. The course sat well with my Gestalt style training, with a lot of focus on listening and presence. Sophie’s training is also very practical and flexible, and I found that I adopted many aspects of the course immediately into own coaching.

I would highly recommend Sophie herself, and this course for anyone who wishes to improve their own thinking skills and enhance their coaching style. Sophie has a very relaxed way of delivering the course, and whilst you will learn about each of the elements it is more about a way of being with yourself and those around you. I have also found that the 10 components provide a useful lens through which to view many situations, and provide insightful reflection.

If you are considering completing the facilitation course as well I would recommend doing the coaching course first. I found the detailed knowledge of the coaching process helped me to better understand certain aspects of the facilitation training.