Time to Think Coach Supervisor

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Time to Think Coach Supervisor


Are you already a qualified Time To Think Coach and would like to become a Coach Supervisor?

On this 2 day course you will learn the elegant, powerful 4-step Thinking Environment supervision process, adapted for individual, peer or group supervision.


About the Time to Think Coach Supervision Course

To become exceptional coaches, who can truly support our client’s independent thinking, we need to have the time and space to really develop our capacity and capability as coach practitioners. Supervision is one place to do this.

Supervision is an opportunity for professionals to reflect on their practice.

To do this well they need to think well. And to think at their best they need another professional to listen to them and, by invitation, to offer insights.

When a Thinking Environment is the agreed framework of the supervision session, the supervisee has the best chance of producing the most valuable insights of all: their own.

A Thinking Environment also allows any needed input from the Supervisor to be brief and perfectly targeted.

Therefore, in a Thinking Environment the Supervisor’s primary job is to generate fresh and fine thinking from the Supervisee. (It is only their secondary job to offer their own thinking and only by agreement.)

The essence of supervision in a Thinking Environment is to create a partnership for thinking well and to support getting to the core of what is most important for the supervisee. It is for the supervisee to develop expertise in thinking for themselves about their work - and all it’s facets - with their clients. It is about the supervisor generating new insights in the supervisee through giving Attention and Encouragement- and giving input when asked for, rather than imposing it...it is about helping the supervisee develop expertise in helping their clients to think for themselves.
— The Heart of Coaching Supervision, 2019

Number of days: 2 days plus practicum

Time: 9.30 am - 5.00pm

Maximum group size: 6

Most suitable for: Time to Think Coaches who wish to integrate the Thinking Environment into their supervision practice

Pre-requisites: You must be a registered Time to Think Coach. There is also additional pre-work which can be found here and here.

Payment: You're very welcome to pay in installments, please just send me an email if you'd like this option.


The January Course will be held at Edale Gathering - Grindslow House, Edale, Hope Valley S33 7ZD

Set in the heart of the beautiful Peak District National Park - the perfect place to think, learn and relax. You won't want to leave. 

Edale Gathering - Grindslow House, Edale, Hope Valley S33 7ZD

Accessible by train from Sheffield or Manchester - venue is about 15 minutes walk from the station

Accommodation is available on site in the beautiful Shooting Lodge for £82 per night, please let me know when you book and I can arrange this.

There’s also a large variety of accommodation options in the surrounding area at various price points should you wish you stay off site.

The July Course will be held at The Workstation in Sheffield, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2 BX

A 5 minute walk from the Central station in Sheffield.