The course has been life changing

After many years as a mentor in schools using counselling to help vulnerable children,I really felt I needed a different approach that gave more of a 'voice' to the the young people in my care.  The course has been life changing in the respect that, my 'listening' skills have greatly improved, I am aware of creating ease with my clients and not trying to find solutions to their problems. The results have been incredible , young people finding their own solutions and acting on them, being happier and more fulfilled.

The best thing about the course was being given the chance to be really listened to and learning the components that the Thinking Environment gives. Also understanding how powerful the words used in the process are. Don't hesitate to attend this course with Sophie! It will change your life. Sophie gently leads you through the expectation and instruction in the role of a coach, encouraging you, and supporting you through every aspect. Her knowledge of the Thinking Environment is incredible , she brings it to life and makes it accessible.

From the moment I started the course, I knew that my way of thinking would be changed forever. It has made an amazing difference in my personal and professional life , enabling me to understand what make me tick, what stops me achieving what I want. Ultimately using the skills in my professional life has changed the lives of the people I work with for the better.