It works!

Coaching in the Thinking Environment is a bit risky for coaches as it challenges a number of beliefs about coaching, but the results speak for themselves.  It works!  The course has provided new insights into my all-round coaching practice and given me a new approach that it wholly non-directive.  

The coaching course has a maximum of 4 participants so the amount of personal feedback and supervision you get is exceptional.  The Thinking Environment is different to most of our experience day to day at work yet it’s what we all need to think and perform at our very best.  The course is run exemplifying all Ten Components of the Thinking Environment in every moment so the learning is highly effective and very special.

Sophie is both nurturing and challenging, demanding a high standard in the Practicum work whilst providing lots of support through to its conclusion.  If you’re looking to stretch your challenge yourself as a coach, the coaching course is well worth the investment.