Extremely insightful & practical

I have been an external facilitator for over 10 years having previously trained in traditional facilitation skills such as meta planning, brainstorming, energisers etc.  I found the course extremely insightful & practical, with the backdrop of the thinking environment theory, it gave me some great tools to take directly into any group facilitation and it also gave me the space to put these tools into practice in a safe learning environment. 

The course gave me the opportunity to really analyse my ‘honed' facilitation skills and it gave me lots of practical ideas on how to handle future assignments. Some of the best things about the course were the thinking time it provided and the fact that I could practice how to deliver the concepts with my own authentic voice. I would highly recommend the course, I believe it has significantly stretched my facilitation skills and given me insight and practical steps on how to enable groups to think well together. Thank you Sophie, I always learn so much from you - I love your style & your subject expertise is invaluable!